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R. Doug said:
One other caveat to Rassy's post: Only eject the Kindle from the "My Computer" screen. Ejecting from the "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media" icon in the Windows Task Bar does not work completely as doing it this way does not allow the user to continue using the Kindle whilst it is tethered to the PC via the USB cable.
I've heard a lot of folks say this, but never had a problem myself. I have a Win7 machine.

OTOH, usually, when I connect the Kindle directly, it's just to move files. I eject it using the task bar icon when I'm done, and then disconnect it. . . . .have never had a file corruption problem or anything. I assume if I left it connected it would continue to charge. I haven't ever, and wouldn't care to, read while it was still connected -- maybe that's the difference. :)
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