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Well, mine arrived this morning at about 10 a.m. (it helps that I'm in Louisville, KY, the UPS national hub). Unboxed the DX, and "installed" it in the Amazon-brand cover. The unit shipped at about 50 percent battery charge, enough to put it thorough its paces without having to wait.

First impressions: It's big. And a bit on the heavy side. I've never done more than handle a K2 for a few minutes, but the DX is large enough that I can'tg really foresee taking it everywhere, all the time, for on-the-spot reading (for that, I may have to rely on the Kindle app on my iPhone). The DX is heavy enough to preclude easy, extended holding in one hand --at least for me.
The display is quite satisfying. The grey background is a little darker than I was expecting, but the native font has good contrast and is very readable. Page turns are surprisingly quick, and navigation -- particularly via the four-way cursor -- is unproblematic. I don't miss the page-turn buttons on the left side, but I'm right-handed. The narrow bottom keyboard is adequate, not more. Happily, it's unobtrusive.

So far I've downloaded two of my books, the current issue of "The New Yorker" and today's "New York Times." I haven't yet had the opportunity to try any PDFs, but that will be my next task.

I will probably go ahead and order a K2 for comparison, play with both for a week or two, and then decide which to keep. I miss the presumed superior portability of the K2, but oh, the expansive display of he DX is a delight, and the ability to render native PDFs is important to me. Only a little more time will tell....


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