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Yeah. True. They did. What you are able to glean from Wiki pages and elsewhere misses out on a lot of details.
The place was a hang-out for illustrious figures - especially writers - such as Lord Byron and Casanova. But there was a reason for that which Wikipedia has no clue about and no one else seems to say.

It began in a war, survived many wars, and maybe there are a few of us still around in the Orsini Family across the globe who will be able to hand on the traditions that are entailed in the history of the Florian. ...But what makes it vaguely important to you lot of miscreants around here, being writers in this modern era -?

Well, if there is any interest, I will post to here, some of the writing traditions of various members of the olden days Venetian society, and which were adopted by very esteemed writers and moved into their own approaches to writing.

...I'm wondering if it is possible to 'update' some of these ideas and actual 'things' used in some cases, to accommodate modern genres of writing? I'm looking through some items right now, for instance, and just speculating that some of - for example - the accounts about Hezarfen Celebi and how he got his ideas, are not in fact very related to what we now call 'Science Fiction.' And then there is all of the 'romantic' stuff to do with the friends and associations of Casanova (among more than just he too, as an erotic writer; in fact there were women like him as well). I'd love to tell you, that is, only people here who really could care less to know at all, about some of the quite unusual tools and techniques these people did employ and that are not realized today. At least certainly not widely-known as far as I can judge.
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