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Discussion Starter · #1 · that I'm back from Georgia and ready to release my next book, I'm taking time to talk about my first quarter of publishing.

My grand total books sold for April, May, and June is...


It's a double edge sword to see that number. Why? Because part of me is so thankful that 57 people bought my books... well, I know some people were returning customers... but anyways. 57 books. That means a chance at 57 reviews, 57 returning customers, etc. And just that initial step to step forward and publish...

The other side of the blade? I want to sell more! haha! ;D
But then again, what writer doesn't want to sell more?

I had three releases and not one of them was a stand alone novel... so add that to the sales, I'm very happy with everything and how it's been moving.

But now, going forward... with The Devil's Weekend two weeks away, I have some BIG plans ahead. Some big guest spots, some advertising (nothing expensive), and some more books. Lots of books!

If anyone wants to read the full post... it's here:

-jb 8)
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