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My book has been on sale for just over a week, and while I know you can't base sales on what happens at the very beginning, it does make me feel optimistic.

Will of the Gods went live on Amazon and Barnes & Noble on July 15, and a few days earlier on Smashwords and All Romance. I didn't mention it to anyone until I was satisfied with the formatting on July 18th, a week ago. In that time I've sold 17 paid copies and 150 free copies at Smashwords for their summer sale.

Considering I went in with the expectation that I might not see a single sale for months, I'm over the moon.

I credit all the good advice I got her for part of that success. I'm really happy with how well the book turned out and Kindleboards members gave me advice every step of the way.

Thank you all. Now go pick up your free copy before the sale ends. ;)
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