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I promised I would report back on how I liked/disliked my Kindle-with-special-offers.  Yesterday when my $100 credit showed up, I remembered this promise. ;)

In the shell of a nut: the ads are very non-intrusive.  My kids actually get a kick out of watching them change when I leave beloved Kindeal lying about.  "Hey Mom, it's that cream to make you look less like an old lady."  (For those who don't know, the ads show up when the device is in "sleep" mode and also, in miniature form, at the bottom of your books list.)  I have clicked on several of them.  I'm not saying that the Olay regenerist ad was one. So far I have received $110 in Amazon store credit for clicking on the $100 for signing up for a Visa card and $10 for buying a book from a certain list. (I chose the complete-freaking-works of Mark Twain for $4.79.)  So I'm about $104.21 towards the $114 I paid for the device.

Am I happy with my decision? Absolutely. 
Anyone care to chime in with a different or similar story?
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