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Great story Lara....did you get any reading in at all? :p

I took DD to the dr on Monday and her dr asked if that was a Kindle. I don't as many looks since I put a skin on it. I read each week that I take DD to flute lessons and it's the drum teacher who usually asks me about it, even mentioned that he was just telling someone he knows about the Kindle.

My UPS man asked me if I had a Kindle when he delivered my beta Oberon cover to me. He said he had gotten one for his mom and said he'd mention the cover to her. I guess he didn't play around with his mom's very much because he asked me how I liked mine. :p

When I treat myself to a couple of hours of sitting in the cafe at B&N, I'm usually enjoying my bagel and tea with some good reading time...people glance but don't come up to me.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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