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Hi all,

I've been a lurker for a while now and am amazed at the level of community spirit in here.

FWIW I've just published my first book on Kindle, a funky space opera / adventure / colonization thingy. Feel free to have a sneaky look  :)

I love science fiction and fantasy. A shout out to all the SFF writers on these boards - you're inspiring and I love what you're doing! Looking forward to talking shop / growing / learning with all of you.

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Congratulations on publishing! I'll definitely give your book a read  :D I LOVE Science Fiction & i'm looking forward to reading so much new stuff via here :D A Brave New World!  8)

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A.A said:
I love sci fi too. Just finished editing my sci fi novel tonight :)

Congrats on publishing yours!
Thanks A.A., congrats to you too! If the new one sounds anything like Celestial, you have a sale from me :)

Congrats on publishing! I'm working on my first Sci-Fi novel and I have all sorts of feelings about publishing. I'd love to talk to anyone about SFF writing. :)
Keep at it Lucas, the sky's the limit :)

I love the title! Good luck with the book, it looks cool!
Why thanks Jack, I wasn't sure about the title, it's one of those things that makes sense toward the end of the story. Plus, I love books that actually mention the title in there somewhere in a casual way :)

Congratulations on publishing! I'll definitely give your book a read :D I LOVE Science Fiction & i'm looking forward to reading so much new stuff via here :D A Brave New World! 8)
Cheers Steve, I really hope you enjoy it!

Congrats on publishing your book. We have quite a few science fiction writers on this board. Two threads to check out are these:
Awesome Cora, I'll attack those threads ASAP.

Welcome, Steve! Congrats on getting your first book out there. Are you working on the next one?
Thanks heaps Chris, the next one is indeed in progress! The good news is I've just settled on a writing routine that may just be sustainable while I deal with two very young boys and a full time job ;D

Hello Steve! Grabbed a copy of your book because the opening paragraphs got my attention. (Alas, my to-read pile is precariously high, but I have it for when I'm ready to read it!) Best of luck with your sales, and I hope you're hard at work on the next already.
Thanks Z, much appreciated! Hopefully my little book doesn't topple your to-read pile over :eek:

Congratulations and welcome to the Science Fiction club!

Thanks Cady :)

Looks interesting. You just sold another copy :).
Aw shucks, hope you enjoy it Edward.

Congratulations, Steve! I bought a copy, looks like a fun read - I love sci-fi.
You know what Indie, I think ebooks are bringing fun SF back to readers. However much I'd like to think of myself as an author of hard, brooding SF my pen just seems to be drawn to blasters, warships and funky aliens.

Style over substance? Guilty as charged. :eek:
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