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My book is finally available for Kindle!
This is my first time publishing.
The Scarecrow & Lady Kingston by Tristan Vick

Book Info:

All Julie Kingston wants is to drink her coffee in peace. But being a Special Detective for the L.A.P.D. comes with it the added burden of serving the public and keeping the peace, two things which require more social grace than Julie cares to muster. Julie's idea of diplomacy is to fire first and ask questions later. Lucky for her, her partner John Scarecrow is there to be the voice of reason and act as her moral compass.

Before Julie knows it, and old acquaintance walks back into her life, and trouble soon follows. After an assassination attempt, Julie suddenly finds herself at the center of an even bigger mystery. A mysterious organization is hunting something called the Relic, and somehow Julie is connected. But that's not the only thing bothering her, because her partner John Scarecrow has a few secrets of his own.

This is the first installment in a ongoing mystery adventure series; think: L.A. Confidential meets The Wizard of Oz meets Fringe-part Western, part crime drama, with a dash of realistic science fiction thrown in-not to mention comedy and action to spare. In other words, a real genre buster! Scarecrow & Lady Kingston: Café Crunch and the Hollywood Express is approximately 65,000 words long. Warning: sexual references, action based violence, and some offensive language. Recommended for mature audiences (15+).

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Welcome to KindleBoards, Tristan, and congratulations on your book!

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