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My New CaseCrown Case STINKS!

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I mean LITERALLY. I like it otherwise but right now it's off in another room airing out because I couldn't take it any longer. Maybe I should've splurged on something leather. I hope it doesn't take to long to get rid of the stink :(
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I've gotten several covers over the years that had a definite chemical smell when first opened.  If it's clear outside, putting them in the sun is a good thing.  Or just let them air. . .maybe in the vicinity of a dryer sheet.  It should be fine in a few hours unless you're more than usually sensitive.
Checked it when I got home. Still stinky but less so. Should be good to go in a couple of days. I have a twitchy nose.
I have an orange one perhaps the orange ones don't stink? My burning question would be where do I hang my stylus,, which I love and what is a better case for putting a stylus and perhaps some notes in??
Lots of pseudo leather or PVC-like products stink nowadays. You may want to try putting it in an envelope with a box of baking soda (make little holes on cover) or just toss it out. I prefer the latter option as things with strong chemical stink may be harzardous to the health. If you can get it replaced by the shop with another item, that will be great!
Oh it's OK now. Just a faint smell now so my nose doesn't twitch whenever I use it. It was probably so bad because the 8.9 cases were just made recently.
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