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My Novel Terminus X issue

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Hi all,

I have a small issue that has begun to really annoy me. Years ago I began work on Terminu X, A science fiction story which was supposed to be a series. It did not do so well as it was published as short stories instead of chapters. So the publisher managed to get all 5 parts published independidaly on Amazon.

Later, when I finished the whole series, I convinced the publisher to combine it all into a Novel. People did not like the idea of the story being split into parts when it should be in a novel. The publisher at the time was only publishing short stories and at the time it looked like an interesting idea for the series. They changed during the creating of the series and I managed to get it all compiled into a book.

That’s when the problems began.

Since the book has been compiled into a 13-chapter novel it has been published on Amazon and available in paperback. It took a long time to make it and it seems perfect. The only problem is the old series.

You see Terminus X is now listed on Amazon in 5 parts (5 chapters) plus the novel. I wanted all five parts removed, as this will mislead customers into thinking Terminus X has five books when in fact, the five listed Terminus X parts are only 5 chapters.

Those five parts are already inside the main book so, I don't think my readers would be happy paying twice for the same story, especially when they find the short parts are just a copy.

The problem is the publisher will not remove the individual series from Amazon no matter how much I ask and I don't want to make them angry, as they could remove everything.

Amazon is not helpful, as they will not remove anything unless the publisher does it.

What’s even worse is that all five parts are listed in my Amazon author page and Amazon will not unlink them unless the publisher has removed them, strange as I linked them in the first place, but they won’t lift a finger to un-list them.

So, is there a way I can remove the old 5 part series with the main novel remaining on Amazon?

The things I am doing at the moment is advertising and linking the book, not the old series and perhaps complaints to the publisher will make them change their style. I’m not sure what a copyright infringement notice to Amazon would do in this instant as they could remove everything and the books are uploaded by the same publisher.

I feel it’s misleading and unfair to the readers to download parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, only to discover they are chapters of the main novel.

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Basically, you've ended up with a bundled serial, which is often done without confusing customers. You could leave all of the books up and just add a note in the description of each mentioning that the new book is the bundle. That might be the easy solution if your publisher doesn't want to bend. Since all of the books are in your author central account, you can edit each of their description without even talking to the publisher about it.
Thats a good idea aimeeeasterling, I've changed the descriptions so all I have to do is wait for the changes. I assume that once the changes have been done on the .com website it will filter to the website. I tried to edit it with my UK author page but I don't have the editor tool to do this.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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