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Hello everyone, this is my first time here and I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Matt Rauscher and my novel The Unborn Spouse Situation has just gone live on Kindle. The paperback has been out for 2005 and has been well received by readers so I'm hoping kindle will introduce it to more people. Here's the summary:

Augie Schoenberg is twenty-two, an aspiring filmmaker at a school without a film school, and desperately single. He's just moved into the Harley Hutt, the wildest party house on campus, and has fallen hard for his roommate Victor Radhakrishna, a campus political activist who is, for Augie, "a practical demi-god: a crusader for justice in skateboarding shoes." The problem is, Augie is the only gay one in the house - or so he thinks. Set in a raucous Midwestern college town, The Unborn Spouse Situation is a darkly comic novel of sex, betrayal, and cultural clashes. Augie's search for love takes him from the cornfields of Illinois, to the gay beach and underground clubs of Chicago, and finally to the ecstasy-fueled nightlife of London, where Victor's secret threatens to keep the two apart forever.

The book is primarily gay-themed, but I've got a very diverse cast of characters who are in for a lot of rebellious fun. Some people have been surprised by how much they did relate to it when they didn't think they would (even some girls in Indonesia???). Note: though this is not erotica, it's def. not one for the kids. If you'd like to see reviews, there's some on the paperback's page. Thanks and happy reading. 8)
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