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My pants are on fire

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After a busy year, (35 new titles and 8 audiobooks) I promised myself that I would relax and do other things until after New Year's day. You know, watch TV, listen to music, clean the garage and the basement. And yet, here I am, 2,000 words into a short story.
Hello, my name is Donald and I'm a writerholic.
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At 3am, I was considering not going to bed and just staying up writing, but ... I told myself I had to lie in bed for five minutes, and only if I wasn't tired could I get up and go back to the computer. I was out within two minutes, I'm sure.

;D ;D
I've always found writing to be addictive. I love it like crack.
Hmm. I have the opposite problem to you two. I suffer from Hamlet-like levels of procrastination. I've given myself a year to write my second novel, but there's an awful lot of washing-up and online poker standing in the way of that ever happening.

Denise E. Templey said:
I can't stay away from my computer, either. If only I were writing my next novel. :(
You need to get away from the internet, not the computer.
Donald Wells said:
I've always found writing to be addictive. I love it like crack.
This is me. I've even said that I'm addicted to creating books.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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