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Hi everyone:

Please enjoy my review of Red Dragon Rising: Blood of War by Larry Bond and Jim DeFelice.



The master of the spy thriller brings his new release in the Red Dragon Rising series, which comes out tomorrow. Blood of War opens with a powerful scene of the aftermath of war in Hanoi, Vietnam. China and Vietnam are at war because of shortage of food in China, as a result of climate change, and Vietnam is unable to stop the advancing Chinese dragon. Enter Zeus Murphy, the US Army Major in Vietnam to provide assistance to the fledgling resistance. He crafts a sly plan to strike the Chinese where they did not expect to be hit. At the same time, he’s working on freeing the love of his life, Anna, imprisoned in a Chinese jail.

The usual edge-of-the-seat suspense is plentiful in almost every page of this novel. The reader is right in the middle of the action, hearing the gunshots and feeling the bullets pass overhead. The descriptions are realistic, the action scenes relentless, the characters well-fleshed out. The storylines is dense with subplots, intertwined carefully and logically.

While Murphy is deep in the trenches of war, the USS McLane is sailing the international waters near China, always in danger of a close encounters with the Chinese determined to sink it. And a Chinese killer is seeking to settle old scores within the United States.

What will Murphy has to do for his plan to succeed? How will the showdown end in the South China Sea? And will Murphy be united to Anna?
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