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My review of THE NIGHT RANGER by Alex Berenson

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Hi everyone:

Please enjoy my review of THE NIGHT RANGER by Alex Berenson, a fantastic spy thriller that comes out tomorrow.


Ethan Jones

Only a handful of spy novels each year give the reader endless thrill, excitement and entertainment. THE NIGHT RANGER is definitely one of them.

Four American volunteers at a refugee camp are kidnapped in eastern Kenya, and Evan–the son of John Wells–calls his father, seeking his help. Evan is good friends with the sister of one of the kidnapped victims. John Wells has no choice but to accept the task of rescuing the four in the parched, lawless badlands of Kenya. Wells hits the ground running, suspecting foul play on the part of a high official with the aid agency running the camp. He puts together a team and begins his search.

Mr. Berenson has done an excellent job of describing the ins and outs of this far away world, taking the reader to places too dangerous and too remote to visit. You can hear the cry of the hyenas, can feel the scorching sun on your skin, the bullets whizzing past your head, the gunmen closing in on you on all sides. The fast pace of Wells operation alternates with scenes at the CIA headquarters, with Wells seeking help and backup as things go south.

Wells finds the old camp where the hostages were held, along with a small part of the bitter truth. He clashes with some of the kidnappers, the hostages remaining just a step away from his reach.

What actually happened and who is behind the kidnapping? What will Wells have to do to rescue the hostages? And how will he get out of the quagmire of his situation?
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