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My son is so cute. He's a little thing, but he already loves science and his deepest desire is to have a lab to experiment in. He's decided that if I sell a million copies of my book then he can have his lab, and I have agreed. So, I am hoping to get him his lab before he's all grown up!

My first two novels are part of the Paint World Series, a paranormal young adult genre which my Gabriel dearly loves because one of the main characters is named after him. He acts a bit like him as well in that he's good in the kitchen and has seizures. His older brother is also featured, complete with a quick temper and artistic talents that leave his teachers furious. Drake is Gabriel's best friend and he is as passionate about friendship as he is about cooking with Gabriel. You will never find a truer friend. Now the girls haven't been left out. Turns out Gabriel befriends a young newly turned descendant of Dracula who needs help with rescuing her parents.

Gabriel also loves my women fiction, Ambition Rewarded, because it features our wonderful rescue dog, Biscuit, on the cover of it. A lady named Victoria swore she would leave teaching in order to follow her dream of art only to find herself thrown right back into teaching a class of seniors everyone else has given up on. She teaches them through their art and English class that hard work can pay off as she prepares them for a big expo to showcase their talents. Victoria asks for help from a college friend, Jerry, who gladly gets to work winning her heart as he too helps the students despite his own blindness.

So, Gabriel is sure hoping I will sell enough of my books to buy him an awesome lab. He got a cool microscope for his birthday last year, but he wants more in his lab. I would love to give it to him.

Thank you,

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