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(If this is better off elsewhere, the mods can merge this into another thread.)

My thoughts on the Kindle 2 (originally sent as a PM to someone on the board):

- No SD card or removable battery: Now it's official. This just about kills the appeal of the K2 for me. (Instead, the K2 has 2GB internal memory - approximately 1.4GB available for user content.)

- Sexier, sleeker, thinner design: Obvious, expected feature. Nice, of course.

- Longer battery life and faster loading: See above.

- Better screen (more e-ink colors): See above.

- Text-to-speech feature: Awesome and definitely the biggest upgrade and killer app of the K2. Not something I'd ever use though. Voice is supposed to be very "computerized." Stephen King compared it to a GPS. Well, my GPS annoys the sh** out of me.  :D

- WhisperSync: Keeps your place in a book over multiple devices. Useless for me - and for most people, I'd imagine.

- New five-way controller: Replaces the scroll wheel and cool metallic bar. I assume this will improve the functionality of the Kindle, but the jury is still out on that.

- Book cover now sold separately: The cover that came with the Kindle 1 was pretty awful, so no big loss here.

- PDF, Doc, etc. still NOT native: Awful. This was something that NEEDED to happen for the K2 IMO. You can still convert those files, of course.

- No folders(?): Nothing was said about them, so the assumption is that the K2 still has no folders. Horrible if true.

- No international distribution: Doesn't matter to most of us, but this is something that NEEDS to happen in order for Amazon to completely dominate the e-book market.

- No store availability (outside of Amazon): I think this needs to happen as well in order for the Kindle to truly break through. I didn't expect this, BTW. I'm just saying...

- No college textbook deal: The student market is huge, and still untapped. I hope Amazon is working on this.

To me, the K2 is an evolution but not a revolution. No regrets here about my K1 purchase. I am content to wait for K3 or color. With that said, K2 users have every right to be excited. It looks like a great device, and it's still the Kindle we all know and love. If K2 is your first Kindle, you are going to be amazed at what a game-changer this little machine is. I adore my Kindle, and you will too.
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