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Mikuto said:
With all due respect I find it kind of aggravating when books sidestep sex when the sexual tension is obviously there. It doesn't have to be described pornographically, but I don't find chaste relationships realistic in the least, so it breaks the immersion for me when two people are MADLY in love and refuse to have sex. Again, my opinion only of course. But you can see where I'm coming from.
I've not read the books and don't plan to so I'm basing this just on what I've read here. But my niece -- a total non-reader -- is into them and I sort of figure anything to get her to enjoy reading is good. On the other hand, I also don't want her to think that if she has a boyfriend she has to have sex with him. She's 16. So the idea that the boy in the book is holding back, and the girls think that's so great, is not a bad thing in my mind. . .

Now, if he's not even willing to kiss her, well, that's just weird. . .:)

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