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:eek: An intro from me ;D the guy who wrote these two books.I think that they are both good reads!  Jacamo

First is "A Hard Place/A Sergeants Tale" a Vietnam War story about my last tour there 1970-72.About serving as the leader of a small unit known as a "Mike Force" Lots of combat action along with the day to day life back in base camp.A good war story about some very real characters.It has been on Kindle for almost a year now and has done well. A good action adventure read.

Second is a new one "Blademaster of Norda" A sword and sorcery, Knights and Dragons, Secret Society against the Dark Lord, action fantasy. A bit different from the norm in this genre. Lots of action, travel and adventure for the protagoists. Meet Blademasters, Temple Knights, Elves, Dwarves, Warrior Monks, and that's just the good guys!

Both are available from Kindle Books/Amazon
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