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Now available on Kindle Unlimited, and FREE on Monday, 11/16:

[size=12pt]A clever girl with a powerful secret. A missing scoundrel of a father. Will she wait caged by his approval forever, or will his absence finally set her free?

Mya Songspinner used to be certain Pa loves her, but now, she's not so sure. When he leaves her to work at a miller's, his promised month's absence drags into several weeks. She wonders if he's ever coming back, until his new companion arrives to lure her aboard a pirate ship with shady promises. Mya tries to keep her guard up and her voice down, but an attack by evil sorcerers forces her to step out of the shadows...

Saving them all with the magic of her voice, the would-be minstrel is upset when her vagabond father fails to meet her once ashore. Stirring suspicions she might be part siren, and forced into a singing contest with the prize a fortune richer than she can fathom, Mya begins to fear someone close to her might have sinister plans for her extraordinary power.

Will she make an impossible choice between kinship and destiny, and finally find a place to call home?

Mya is the thrilling stand-alone first book in the "His Majesty's Elite" YA fantasy series. If you like immersive worlds, vibrant characters, and coming-of-age fantasy adventures, then you'll love Missy Sheldrake's captivating tale.

Check out Mya to weave a magical, musical spell today!
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