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Soulmates Inc in the first, and Elite Matches for second. The concept for 2nd list is very innovative! It's like.making it to NYT bestsellers list!

Names I came up with:

Soul Snatch


Cupid Catch

Love At First Sight

Weddings And Blessings

Find Your Darling

Magic Karpet (from Alauddin)

Blooming Blushes

Don't know if websites exist under such names.

For the premium catalogue,

Royal Husbands

Royal Wives

Avant Garde

Luxury Lounge

Million Dollar Smiles

Celebrity Class

Star Struck

Again, don't know if websites using above names.


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Vidya said:
Those are some good names! I was avoiding anything to do with Cupid since OKCupid is an actual dating site.

But based on your suggestions, I like Cupid Carpet.

Their pitch could be: "Ride the Cupid Carpet to Love!"

And their logo could be a cute little cherub with wings and a bow and arrow that's shooting hearts out. And the cherub is on a flying carpet.

And they give all successful female clients that they manage to match up a necklace with that Cupid as a pendant and also Cupid earrings. What do you think?
They don't give the men anything. The men got the women. What more do they need?

Or ok, they could give the men a Cupid tie pin. Their partners could use it as a brooch if the men don't wear tie pins.

Now I think I love that. And for the Premium one, maybe:

The Cream of Cupid Carpet

that one I'm not so sure about. It's a bit of a mouthful.

And Cash-rich Cupid just sounds tacky. Maybe:

Elite Cupid Carpet

What do you think?
Some more names:

Romeo Meet Juliet
Juliet Meet Romeo
Depending on the target audience m/f

Lucky Puck

Click Puck (animation of Puck adding eye drops upon clicking mouse or touching in touch screen)

Get Lucky (ugh, Daft Punk and Pharrell) - so, Get Luckee!

For premium: (sometimes this section is further classified like our subgenres)

Smoking Guns (based on WWE tag team - Billy Gunn & Bart Gunn) - this is a little bit western theme featuring rich cowboys - Or make it Smoking Gunz

Hey Gigolo! - again for those seeking divorced men

Rainbow Delights - for LGBTQ oriented seekers

Choco Delights - for those seeking afro-americans)

Blonde Bombshell (men seeking blondes)

Desert Rose (ugh, Cheb Mami & Sting) - but this is also common like Get Lucky. Okay, Dessert Rose or Desert Roze for rich Arab girls, you know, daughters of millionaire sheiks.


How about another pitch for Cupid Carpet:

Cupid Carpet. A magical odyssey with your beloved.

Your logo Idea looks great.

The gifting idea looks innovative too! Okay, some perks for the dudes as well. Haha!

Oh, and that brings up another name, Dude Love, for normal catalogue, but that's the name of a WWE wrestler, Mick Foley AKA Mankind AKA Cactus Jack. Maybe Dude Luv if not wanting repetition?

Oh, Jack reminds of Jack of All - a site for women seeking lower middle class temping guys or those holding multiple jobs.

If you want to include 'Cupid' in premium catalogue, how about:
Classy Cupids

Classy Cupid

Wealthy Cupids

The Wealthy Cupid

If you want carpet feel, then, how about:

Alauddin's Red Carpet Cupids

VIP Cupids! Alauddin says: "Roll the magical red carpet!" (and add the magic carpet pitch)

Instead of Alauddin saying, you can show his cartoon with the message blast.

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Vidya said:
Thanks, everyone. VisitasKeat, I like Red Carpet Cupid for the premium one.

the agency also runs a Makeover School. they give men and women physical makeovers, improving their hair styles, posture, wardrobes, dress sense etc. and also personality development classes to help them improve their personalities.

Which names do you like best for the Makeover School:

The Frog to Prince Makeover School [I think that could sound insulting]

The Duckling to Swan Makeover School

Swan Makeover School

Makeover Magic

I don't really like any of the above. Can you think of anything better?
For makeover school:

Bride Shine


New Leaf

Winning Styles

Winner Looks

Winning Looks

Ramp Up!

Attitude Plus

Attitude Pro

Style Class

Winning Styles

Magic Makeover

Personality Magnet

Fashionista Masterclass

New You

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Vidya said:
Thanks again, everyone. VisitasKeat, wow, you are great at coming up with names.

I loved Cupid Carpet, but when I googled it, I saw there is an actual carpet company that sells a carpet called Cupid.

Yeesh. Who calls a carpet Cupid? I mean, what sort of name is that for a carpet? Tim or Bob would have done just as well. If I had to name a carpet, I'd call it something like Luxuria.

I know I can still use it, but now I fear it sounds too much like a carpet company rather than a matchmaking agency.

Instead how about Cupid's Kiss? But I really liked the idea of the carpet logo.

Well, why can't I still use it? It's my story; I get to do what I want. So they can call the company Cupid's Kiss but still use the pitch: "Ride the Cupid Carpet to Love!"

and I like your pitch too: "A magical odyssey with your beloved."

And their logo could still be a cute little cherub on a flying carpet.

And I can still use your Red Carpet Cupid for the premium one.

I'm not sure about the names for the makeover school. None seem just right, but I'll think some more on it. Maybe something like:

The Best You Makeover School

Fabulous You Makeover School

Frump to Fab Makeover School

Glum to Glam Makeover School

Glum to Glam, Frump to Fab Academy/School/World

Glum to Glam, Frump to Fab Prep [I like this one]

Another character runs a school where he teaches men how to seduce women. I'm not sure whether he should have a blunt name for it such as:

"Charm Her Pants/Panties Off Flirting School"

or maybe something more subtle whose name suggests he's teaching flirting rather than seducing.

Do you have any ideas for this school, either an in-your-face name or something more subtle? I'm considering both at the moment.
Love Files

Kama Sense

Work Her Up!

Flirt School

Adam and Eve

Teach Eve!

Bedroom Secrets

Flush Your Blushes! Flirt With Style!

Nuru Meditations

Tantra Tricks

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Vidya said:
VisitasKeat, I thought the carpet in the logo for Cupid's Kiss could be colored pink and blue, to indicate both sexes.

While the carpet in the logo for Red Carpet Cupid, the premium one, could be colored red.

I'm also looking for a name for the dating classes the agency runs.

What do you think of:

The Love Files [as you suggested earlier]

The Dating Files

The Love Wars Dating School

Davina's Dating Do's and Don'ts

Davina's Dating Do's and DEATHS

Darlings' Dating Do's and Deaths

Kill Your Darlings Dating School

[the above means get rid of all the moves and come-ons you thought were so good but seem too obvious or just plain bad. It might be a bit too subtle for readers to understand but Davina would explain what it means.]

or can you suggest anything better? Thanks!
'Dating Files' would be cool.

More names for the classes:

Dating Doves



Esoterica Erotica

Kama Flex

Seduction Secrets

Valentine Whispers

Stealing Hearts 101

Tantra Trixxx

Chakra Magixxx

Chakra Aura

Kama Aura

Kundalini Monkey

Serpantine Energies

Flirty Bond 007

Take One!

Take It Easy!

Ready, Steady, Flirt!

Sweet Sensations

Supple n Sexy

Shameless Seductions

Heart Speak
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