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Audiobook narration / website for authors and narrators
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Hi, I'm an audiobook narrator (plus I run audiobook promo code site
I live in a country where you can't use, so the authors and narrators are often frustrated when it comes to audiobook production. So I made a website. ( – Audiobook Narration & Production)
  • searchable database of global narrators (including non-English speaking)
  • authors list auditions FREE so narrators come to you!
  • narrator pages with audio samples, accents, portfolios & a form for direct contact .
  • detailed FAQs pages demystifying the jargon/processes; wide v exclusive; royalty share v paid up front; royalty comparisons, and how to simultaneously have royalty share and sell wide.
ALL FREE FOR AUTHORS! (And currently free for Narrators)

I'd love feedback on the site from an author's point of view. What am I doing right; what could be improved? How do I let authors know this resource exists, and invite them to list their audiobook auditions at I've tried a few Facebook author groups, but most of them seem book promotion sites. Anywhere else you'd suggest?
All ideas welcome, and thanks for your help!
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