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Beth, I've pretty much done the same as what you outline above and found that I also got sort of screwed out of sales and the categories got wonky the more I fiddle (so I resist tinkering even though I really want to tinker!). I *should* be in more categories and I think I'm technically in some that aren't showing. That said, when I do keyword searches, my books do come up fairly high in the targeted searches, so that part seems to work. For example, if I search for "Teen Horse Romance" my permafree is #1, similarly "YA [or] Young Adult boarding school" gets many of my books on the first page. I've also noticed that newer books are closer to the top, AND my new KU experiment (a series prequel that is the only of my books in KU) seems to rank higher in the searches than the other books.

Long story short - a lot at play here. But I hope your promo goes well for you and keep us posted on what happens.
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