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Need a review?

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OK, so it looks like I won't have editing work for a while. Since I procrastinate on doing my Zumba, I'm looking for anyone who wants me to read their book in exchange for a review on Amazon. Feel free to send me a gift copy or point me to the free page for me to download to my kindle. My email is [email protected]
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Woohoo, I am so excited. Already have three new books to read. I'll be posting my reviews on Amazon and on my blog, so don't be shy! Let me know if you want reviews!
Thank you Mr. Croft and Ms. Peake for letting me read and review your books.  :D
Actually, thank you for offering to review our books with such enthusiasm! That's greatly appreciated. :)
What a generous offer!

I have a couple of freebies you can download and review. both are the opening novellas to full books. If you like them, I can send you the free full copies.

the novellas are Phoenix (dystopian, post apocalyptic...kinda racy, kinda sacrilegious) starts Theta Waves series

and the recruiter. (Vampire romance) starts Vampire Addictions.

if they interest you, you can download them for free, and if you really like, I can send you the full novels...that way you aren't investing too much time unless you want to. ;)

alternatively, you can have copies of anything in my sig that interests you.

basically, I guess that means I'll take a review of anything. LOL
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Claudette, best news I've had all day. I'm sending you a mobi. Many thanks.
Thea, I'll definitely download the freebies. Thanks for bringing them to my attention.
Kenton, I received the mobi file. Thanks!
Do you have any preferred genres? My books are factual modern history but written in the form of today's social media. My free book about the Cuban Missile Crisis can be downloaded at:

I'll check it out, Philip. Thanks for sharing!
You have my complete admiration for doing this.
What a generous offer! I'd love for you to review my YA Rom Com - my permafree first in the series is Taking the Reins (the one with the horse) in my signature.

Thank you!
That's very generous of you! :) I sent you an email.
Hi Claudette, I emailed a pdf of my YA Action Thriller to you.  It's awesome of you to offer your time!
This is why I'm glad I have a thumb drive on my keyring. ;D Book sent, and many thanks, Claudette!
Why did I think you were Carla? 
Careful what you wish for, Claudette.
You are about to get swamped.  ;)

Tremendously kind of you.
A bunch of indie writers are about to fall in love
with you due to this gesture.
cinisajoy said:
You have my complete admiration for doing this.
Yes. It borders on the heroic.
Just emailed you a .mobi of Twiceborn, Claudette. Hope you like urban fantasy!
Do you have a website about your editing services, Claudette?
If you're open to reviewing sci-fi/fantasy, I'll happily send you a mobi file of my book. Thanks much for the offer!
I just sent some your way, Claudette. Thanks for the very generous offer.
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