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need a short letter translated into Scottish-English

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I don't want to use pseudo-Scottish markers like "wee" for "little" - what I'm after is the cadence of the speech, the rhythm of the words and maybe some of the phrasing.

it's from a second-generation American Brownie (his parents came over on the boat with their Family) to his family back in Scotland, suggesting that if his cousin Angus is still looking for a Family to adopt, he has a place for him.  (Capital-F Families are the Families that the brownies attach themselves to)

The way I'd write it would be:

Dear Granny,

I hope you find this as well as as it leaves me. My new Family is most appreciative of my efforts and leaves a bowl of milk or porridge out every night for me, and I do my best to be helpful around their house.

Has Cousin Angus found his Family yet? because if he hasn't, there's a new Family near where I live that could use his help. They don't know the old traditions, but I believe they can be taught. There are lots of good friends in the field and wood where I live, so he wouldn't lack for company, and it would be good to see him again.

If Angus is available, I have some suggestions for how he can come over here.

Your loving grandson,

now obviously these are in the cadences in which I myself speak (US Midwest 6:00 News is how my accent is usually described) - it doesn't sound like something that a traditional Brownie or Elf would write to his family in Scotland.

can anybody help me?
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