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I know that having a sleeve for my wireless keyboard is great!  As tablets get more popular (and they will!) lots of people will be wanting something to keep their keyboards in when they aren't being used.  To protect them from dust and pet hair and just to have something more attractive than just a "nekkid" keyboard laying around.

Cell phone covers would be excellent.  I know my husband could really use one. Something sleek and efficient that isn't too fussy, but offers protection from "butt dialing", dropping out of pockets/purses, scratches and dirt. 

I heard "fanny packs" are coming back in style.  :)

Pajama bags for kids (or the young at heart)...the kind that hang on a closet door or the kind that is a little character (animal, doll, etc.) to put on the bed.

Diaper bags and/or a diaper caddy that can hang from a changing table.


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