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maries said:
Not sure what this is called or if something is possible but I would love something to keep the store key tag cards together and under control on my key ring. I found some plastic thing but it was awkward and heavy. I hope you know what I am talking about - grocery stores have them for the sale prices and other stores to track purchases for rewards. The key ring ones are convenient but always in the way. I had a thought on one that I was going to try to make but my life is just too crazy busy right now.
I was at my Cardsmart store and found Buxton is making a little leather carrier for those keytags, and it is also a keychain. I make acrylic keytags to match my VB purses and use them just for the keytags. I never carry them on my regular keychain with keys.

Sometime ago someone locally had lost their keys with the tags on them, and the finder called on of the stores from the tags and was given the address to return them, and low and behold the house got robbed. Newspaper stated to not keep them together, and now the local stores have changed their policy and do not give out any info regarding the keytags. All stores now have a privacy policy regarding the tags.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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