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Need Help Making Banner! Mine stinks!

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I'm trying to secure promotion at an ebook site and need to make a banner for my book.  I tried doing one at pursesilvabannermaker and it (the banner, not the site necessarily) stinks.  Just the cover you see to the left with some text overlay.  Any ideas on good (cheap or free) banner making sites that allow for text blurbs?  Any help would be appreciated.

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What kind of things are you thinking for your banner? I know a few designers who do banners for as low as 10$. Do you know what size you need?
Some of the folks at do great work, for five dollars per job.  I've used that site multiple times, for various projects, and have been happy with most of the results.  It's important to check out the feedback, and the person's portfolio (if applicable), but it's a great way to outsource some things for very little money.
Thanks for the replies!  I'll look into it.  I purchased 300 X 250 banner space and most likely just include title, author, and a line about the book, perhaps "an apocalyptic epic for only $0.99" or something similar.  I certainly wouldn't mind feedback, though, as I'm new to the world of banners.
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