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Need Help with a phrase when Spanish is written ¿Really?

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In 26 books and 20 scripts I've never written in Spanish.  In the following example which is the correct way to show in a book?

#1. ¿Estás ahí?
#2. Estás ahí?

Thanking you in advance.
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Never took Spanish but I just want to know how to make an upside down question mark.
As a Spanish teacher ( :D ) I can attest to the correctness of #1

For the upside down question mark, hold down alt and hit "424"
The sentences are framed also for exclamation "¡ hola guapo !" (hello handsome)
and on a Mac you turn your signs upside down by pressing "alt" with the sign "¿ de verdad ?" (for real).
You can also find the tilde (the accent that covers the n) with a "alt n"
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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