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I thought I would start this thread for all of the new writers who are joining KB. You may or may not have problems with editing your novels, but if you do, I'll try to help.

How do you edit or proofread your novel if you are not sure what to look for? I'm starting a series on this theme today on my blog. Today's post is on red flag words.

I am going to continue this series on Wednesday with "How to Edit," which will describe the process I use. BTW, I have been a writer and editor for more than 25 years, so you don't think I am talking out of my posterior. :D I've been doing "Editing for Grammarphobes" since last September, if you would like to check out the archives.

Thanks and hope I can help.


If you have any specific questions about grammar or editing, drop me a PM, and I will answer them on the blog.
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