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The 6"x9" Dry Pak is too small.  Most of us who have them seem to have the 9"x12" instead. Unfortunately, there's no in-between size, and I couldn't find a better fit even with other brands in hunting online. I've used mine with or without the cover on the Kindle inside.

Like any other product, there are tradeoffs.  No one has invented a perfect waterproof protective device for the Kindle yet.

On that one, the side buttons are easy enough to manipulate through the cover, however, as with all products in this category so far, the vinyl is thick, but flexible.  It's not easy to correctly move the 5-way controller, and very difficult to use the on/off/sleep switch.  The vinyl is very clear, and very glossy--easy to read through, but prone to glare in direct sun.

As long as Amazon has it in stock, it can be shipped expedited.  I have Amazon Prime, so mine was here in two days.  I know some local sporting goods stores carry the same brand or others similar though.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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