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Hello! I am so glad I joined this forum. I gain so much by going through all the topics here and it is fantastic to learn from your experiences! I have written a book for children and I will be self publishing next month. Needless to say, this will be my first book and I was hoping you could give me guidance on the following:
1. At the moment, I am only thinking of publishing an ebook. My book has 24 pages and each page will have colourful illustrations and text. I am not sure whether I should think about POD (controlling the quality and look of a printed book). Personally, I prefer holding a physical book rather than reading it on Kindle etc. However, when I look around, most of the children (from the age of 4) know how to operate a phone or tablet. I am just confused on whether it makes sense to go for the POD option or just stick with an online version of my book? Would love to know your thoughts on this
2. Any suggestions on ebook formatters? Since this will be my first book and the book has so many illustrations, I don't want to make sure it looks perfect.
Would love to hear back from you!
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