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New Adult Authors- Sign up

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I am planning a promotion for the release of the second book in my series March 22-29. As part of the festivities (or sale, that's all it really is at the moment) I wanted to put together a raffle copter giveaway and include other New Adult Authors in it. I will make a banner that includes all participants. I will promote this via social media, blog, and my mailing list.

If you are interested you can sign up here:

I would need:

- a jpeg of your book cover for the giveaway banner (or whatever image you want included)

- Your call to action for the rafflecopter (Facebook visit, twitter follow, sign up for mailing list (include link), re tweet message) - may have multiple call to actions depending on how many participants are interested and prize size.

- description of giveaway item (Ebook, giftcard, swag)

My hope is that this will increase traffic for all involved!
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Just refreshing this since it's getting closer to the giveaway date. There are 9 participants so far, but room for more! 

EDITED: I spoke too soon :(

I submitted the form and went back to the page, and it says it was unsuccessful, and that the owner no longer uses form+. I would love to be a part of this and help your launch. Do you have any ideas? Can I email the info to you if the form is down?

Many thanks! :)
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