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New and improved YA website - did I miss anything?

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Hi all, I've completely revamped my website and just love how it turned out, but I need a second opinion.

Did I leave anything out?

I write YA so be warned it's meant for my target audience. :)

Initial feedback has been positive and they say it has an 'Etsy' feel to it.

Anyway, if you have a minute to check it out I'd appreciate it.

Your feedback is so appreciated!

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*bumping this thread*

Any thoughts for improvement?

On my browser, the banner that scrolls that says "contests! meet the author!" is misplaced and on your name. The pages you have are also all stacked one upon the other. Will send a screenshot by e-mail if you want.

There are also links half-hidden under the video on the homepage. I didn't go further.
Which browser do you use? Everything looks fine on mine and I use Firefox.

Hmm... I'll check IE, and a few others.

And sure a screenshot would be great.

Thanks for taking a look, too.

my email is readmynovel  at  gmail dot  com

EDIT: I checked on IE and it also looks fine... Strange.
I love love love the color scheme and the graphics, especially the gray background and curl and swirls at the bottom.

Two suggestions for font choice:
The ones right underneath the picture of the couple: maybe have it match the link tabs? The stencil/army one stands out from everything else.
The scrolling marquee: Comic Sans will probably only stand out to graphic designers, but it could easily be whatever you use for your regular pages (Georgia? Idk)

The link tabs are stacked on one another, but I thought that's what you intended. It doesn't look like a coding mistake to me.

Contact opens in a new window for me.

Other than those little things, I really like it :)
Thanks, Emily - I agree and I'll work on those fonts. I think they stand out, too. And you're right, the contact page opens in a new window so I'll get that fixed, too.

Thanks for taking a look.

Also I was thinking about adding a small window/dialog box to do little status updates on my writing, etc. Do you think readers would like this?
Nathalie Hamidi said:
There are also links half-hidden under the video on the homepage. I didn't go further.
I'm using Safari and have this same problem, both on the home page and the About Me page.
Sent you the screenshot!
Might be because I'm browsing from Linux. I use Mozilla Firefox 18.0.
I think it's cute, but I'm not sure about the stencil-style doesn't seem to match the other fonts you're using.

And I'm having the same problem with the links in the pink stencil font, except on my browser (Firefox on a Mac) they're on top of the video, not under it.
TK. I really like the look of your site.

Love your

Only 2 things I saw in firefox version 18. It seems as though part of it is shifted over, is it meant to be like that. Here I uploaded so you can see

( I can remove these images after once you have seen. )

By the way love the dovetail cover.
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Well, I think I have all the issues fixed. *fingers crossed*

Font - check (I hope this font is better.)
Contact page - check
Funky weird messed up layout - check (I hope!)

I found the issue, too, with the weird page layout issue being viewed on different browsers. It was completely my fault - I put 'boxes' where no boxes were allowed cause, you know, I thought it looked prettier. :) But I've since fixed them and put things where they should go.

I hope it looks good on all browsers now.

Let me know if you see any issues and don't like the new fonts.

And thanks, everyone, for taking the time and helping me!
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Much better now! It's displaying perfectly on my browser. :)
Thanks, Christine! I'm so glad.

(And I'm glad I asked for help, otherwise I'd have a funky messed up site and not even know it! :) )
Better for me too!  :)
I think it looks nice but with you're awesome covers I'm wondering why they're not on the front page?
Brina, thanks for the compliment on my book covers. I used to have my new releases on the front page, but with the new look and layout it just felt too cluttered. But maybe I could add a carousel widget of some of the book covers. Now just to find one that doesn't link to a retail site... Any ideas?
Maybe Photobucket? I know they have slideshows, not sure if they're carousels per se.
Emily, that's a great idea!

By the way I'm reading Promising Hope and I'm hooked! Love, love, love it! And I added it to my website under 'authors who inspire'
Your book covers should be more prominent. At a glance, it's not clear that its an author site without reading the text. Your header image is pretty thick, maybe you could add the book covers there. Having the books appear on every page is a bonus.
Holly, I never thought about putting the covers up there. That's a great idea!  I'm going to try this.
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