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New Blurb for upcoming release

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Thoughts? Make you want to read it? (For those the romance inclined):

Liz Callahan is a hoot. She's the girl who says whatever's on her mind and doesn't care that she doesn't have a filter. She's the friend you sometimes have to pretend you don't know her when you're out in public precisely because she's got no filter. She's sexy, feisty, fiercely loyal, and once she's got her mind on something, there's no going back.

And then there's Mark. A former military man who's new to town, Liz visually assaults him and has every plan to get physical until she realizes everything about him is a dealbreaker. Not only is he a cop (shudder), he's the grandson of her sworn arch-enemy Bertha Daniels.

And mixing DNA with anyone of Bertha's ilk is bound to have cataclysmic effects...especially when Mark manages to get under her skin.
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