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Amazon used to allow indie submissions to the "Kindle Single" program, curated
by editor David Blum--that program now extinguished as near as I can tell--my
first and only story/book/novella "Injured Reserves" was accepted under the original
Kindle Single "imprint"--well...ahem...quite a few years ago? 
As near as I can tell, less than 20 true "indie" writers were
accepted in years past, one of considerable note and the only one I am aware
of who used to post here would be Hugh Howey; the Kindle Singles program
now seems to be the domain of legacy super-star promotional shorts for Stephen
King, Lee Child, and etc./s.

I am informing this board of my new book for--

1.typical self-aggrandizing lecherous greedy self-absorbed egotistical moi-meme c'est la raison d'etre
behavior common to all bipeds, excluding perhaps Marcus Aurelius, Jesus, and Ghandi, and--

2. Because some of you might find this/my/any progression through the Amazon eco-system of
interest, and--

3. Taking into account the complete impossibility of discriminating against/within my own bias,
I actually think it is a pretty good book, and some here might enjoy it.

GENERAL NOTE: I regretfully feel obligated to add that this book might be considered politically incorrect
by some members here. 

For any/and everyone else, you might satisfy some aspect of general curiosity.

Or even...enjoy.

Thank you.



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Wow - one of my favorite authors ever :eek:
I just visited this site for the first time in years - and imagine my surprise in seeing you on here. And with a new release, no less! (It's not my usually-preferred genre but neither was Injured Reserves and it blew me away.)

-so okay - I just read some of the 'look inside' and I'm hooked. The book looks great. Congratulations! I can't wait to read the rest.
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