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One Beautiful Faith (Book 4 - New Release!)
Only $2.99
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What if your husband left you at eight months pregnant?

Fighting for her own life as well as her baby boy, Courtney pieced together the broken pieces of their life and started over. Five years later, and now with a four-year-old, she's about to face another devastating blow she didn't see coming.

What do you do when the future seems uncertain? How does hardship build faith? What if your plans were never part of God's better plan for you?

Rhett's heart longs for the life he once knew and blames God for it going wrong. Little does he know God pursues His children like loss sheep gone astray. Rhett's heart is about to change in an unimaginable way.

Faith-filled and inspirational, this Christian romance will keep you turning the pages until the very end. Join Rhett and Courtney as they embark on a journey of love, faith, and hope like you have never read before. T.K. Chapin tackles the issue of fading faith, hope in the darkness, and overcoming fears in this uplifting Christian novel you'll love to read. Christians will be encouraged and uplifted as the author weaves Scripture and real-life together in one piece of entertaining literature.

Books 1-3 of the Faithful Love Series
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