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New cover - thoughts?

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I'm working with a designer on a new cover for my Edwardian historical adventure romance. My old cover was not conveying the adventure aspect of my novel. My designer sent this to me today. I think we're definitely heading in the right direction, but I'm not sure we're there yet.

Since you all were so helpful the last time I posted about my cover woes, could you please give me some thoughts/advice on this one? (Old one on the left, new one on the right). Thanks!!

Edited because my picture wasn't showing up. Sorry!
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Edit to reflect revised image: THAT is a fantastic cover. Totally nailed it.
I think the new cover is the one that says "This person removed or deleted this message", not the one with the roses.
Patty Jansen said:
I think the new cover is the one that says "This person removed or deleted this message", not the one with the roses.
Aha... then ignore my comment :)
Allyson, that's absolutely gorgeous. So much better than the other one. I think you'll do very well with the new one.

Good luck!
Sorry everyone, my photo wasn't showing up. I've corrected it. The one on the LEFT is the old one (roses). The one on the RIGHT is new. Thanks again!
Love the new one - says so much more, and lots of interest points. Good luck with it. :)
Wow, that is freaking beautiful. Seriously. Congratulations.  :)
Love, love, LOVE that cover! Who is your designer - they've done an amazing job!
I like the new concept much, much better. The colors and layout (for the most part) are eye-catching and flow together very well. It's almost soothing, it's so pretty  :D

I do think that the lower left of the cover needs something (tagline maybe) - probably because the woman is facing that way, so my eyes follow to see what she's looking at and there is nothing of note there.

Also, if it was my cover I'd tweak the woman figure at the bottom and maybe the elephant too. Even at the viewing size on here, she's rather small. At thumbnail size, I'm worried getting the historical vibe would be hard. I'd probably take her to about 60 % of the cover height.

Just my two cents :) Congrats on deciding to get a new cover though, whichever path you take. The old one is a pretty image, but wouldn't have made me interested enough to click and read the blurb.

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I remember your old thread...and the new cover is waaayyyy better!
I love the new cover as well!! Very catchy.
The new cover looks great! It's much more eye catching and certainly stands out more than the other one.
This cover is SO much better! (It's gorgeous!) Like Alex, I think the woman and elephant are a bit on the small side... but over all it's gorgeous and much more representative of the book. I love the woman's self-assured stance. Having her looking through a telescope is a bit of genius—it speaks to her curiosity and scientific side. 
The new cover is great. The colours are vibrant and eyecatching. I agree that the woman could disappear in a thumbnail, and while the cover doesn't exactly screams 'historical romance', I think that's a good thing, it makes your (fantastic) cover stand out. :)
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