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New cover - thoughts?

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I'm working with a designer on a new cover for my Edwardian historical adventure romance. My old cover was not conveying the adventure aspect of my novel. My designer sent this to me today. I think we're definitely heading in the right direction, but I'm not sure we're there yet.

Since you all were so helpful the last time I posted about my cover woes, could you please give me some thoughts/advice on this one? (Old one on the left, new one on the right). Thanks!!

Edited because my picture wasn't showing up. Sorry!
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Excited for you! The new cover is great!
Thanks everyone! My designer (Emma Graves) did a fantastic job. She really worked with me to get a feel for my novel. The new cover definitely says historical adventure...but would readers know that it is a romance? If not, that may be my fault--I was very specific about not wanting a clinch cover. Also, I do agree that the woman and the elephant need to be bigger.
The new one is terrific... it really pulls the eye in and suggests some interesting reading... good job!
Beautiful cover, I wouldn't change a thing, but if you're worried about not conveying enough romance, maybe add a few flowers integrated with the title or just a few more flowers in general?
Allyson Jeleyne said:
but would readers know that it is a romance?
I think the title goes a long way toward that.
I like the new one much better. It wasn't that the old one was bad, but this new one 'tells' so much more at a glance. You get to know the setting, era, etc and that it's an adventure all without reading a blurb or even the title. As for it not reflecting that this is a romance--the title should tell people that. So I think you've got all the bases covered.

Very nice.
Just googled Emma Graves and her portfolio is amazing. She's done work for Harper Collins, so a good track record. You've picked a gem there.
The new image conveys "adventure" better, but the ALL CAPS on the title isn't working for me.

I have a tendency to keep seeing the title as "A Love that Never Tries" which is more pronounced for some reason when I see it in ALL CAPS as opposed to upper and lower case.

Or maybe that's just me.

The title says romance. Don't change anything.
Love the new cover! Have also checked out Emma Graves's stuff and it's really good.
21 - 34 of 34 Posts
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