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New Covers from Kalen & Regina

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I'm super excited about two of my upcoming books. I've become a cover hoarder...sort of. Anyway these will release in March and September.

Here are the covers:

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I'd be excited by them too.
Lovely! Although I am a bit more partial to Ascension. Good luck with your new releases, and hope you sell bunches!  :)
Both of them are stunning.  Good luck with sales. :)
These are BOTH lovely!
I have to admit though, I would buy Acession without even reading a blurb.
That cover is mesmerizing.  :eek:
Wow, both beautiful.  And I have to say after I saw the gray one I immediately stalked your page to see if I could buy it.  And I'm not usually a cover-based buyer.  When will it be out?
robin_hart said:
Wow, both beautiful. And I have to say after I saw the gray one I immediately stalked your page to see if I could buy it. And I'm not usually a cover-based buyer. When will it be out?
September 2013! ;)
I've become a cover hoarder
You ain't the only one. I have three covers for books that aren't finished. All these damn artists with their discount (and beautiful) pre-mades during the holidays. It's all their fault.

Maybe we should start a support group.
VERY beautiful!  Especially Accession.  Just perfect.  Good luck!  :)
Am I weird, but I actually liked Sworn to Raise better  ;D  I checked your blurb and it sounds really interesting (yay fantasy!), so I added it to my Goodreads to-read list. Looking forward to its release!
I'm a cover hoarder too, I see a lovely cover and have to have it even if I haven't the book finished yet (or started sometimes, LOL!) They both look great.
they're both lovely!!
Wow! Who did the Accession book cover?

I'm looking to hire someone to do a cover for my paranormal romance book.
Linda - if you are still looking, feel free to check out my custom design packages. I love doing custom fantasy covers. A few I've already done haven't been released yet, but I have permission from the authors to share in a personal message if you would like to see. Good luck with your search for a cover designer!
I always love covers that evoke that dark, mysterious feel.  Very nice!  :)
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