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New headshot--well, first headshot...

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I've been putting off getting a headshot, but yesterday I had press asking for one. I put out an emergency call and I lucked out: a friend who's a great photographer was in town and needed something to do. Hence:

I am ridiculously hard to photograph. This may be the best one of me ever taken. At least, I'm happy with it. :)
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Looks great!

Now send your friend my way :p
You look like you're listing to someone tell an incredibly long, incredibly dumb story.

Or, someone just said, "I have this great idea, why don't you write it and we can split the money."
You look marvelous!

One very important thing to remember is to save a high resolution version of your picture for your media kit! Often times authors don't realize that when they submit a photo for a printed story the photo needs to be 300dpi. - I see it a lot and boy is it a hassle!
My friend's a semi-pro photographer; I've got it in 300 dpi ginormous size as well as the smaller ones I've edited down.
Looks fab!
It looks like you've been putting off getting a head shot but you lucked out and a friend who's a great photographer was in town and needed something to do so it all came together.

Good job.  Accomplished, calm, a victim of your characters taking at 10 or 11 as they day...
I'm severely disappointed by this headshot. I expected blood and brain matter all over the place, a caved-in head with eyeballs hanging by gloopy tendrils from hollows, leaning against shattered glasses caught in blood-matted strands of hair. I should've been clued in by the 'first headshot', because in my experience the first headshot is often the last...

Congrats with your author portrait though. Looks professional!
AA, I don't do horror. ;)

Thanks, folks.
Well thank you, Clare! We've known each other for years and I still don't think I've ever seen a picture of you... :)
Really?! Well... you could find some on Facebook if you wanted to know what I look like, since we are friends there. There aren't really very many recent ones. I guess nobody wants to take pictures of me ::) (In fact, I think almost all the pictures from the last year are "baby is being cute [aka existing], Clare happens to be close by.")

I suppose someday I'll want a headshot like this. I do have some friends who are good at photography...

Also, I KNOW I took a picture of myself in my Bloody One's Temple shirt. I may never have uploaded it. But I definitely took one.
EEEEE! Would love to see a picture of the shirt. :) I spend so little time on FB--I just let my Twitter feed into it and check to make sure I answer replies...I go look...

ETA: oh THERE you are! :) I have cute colleagues. :)
Nice photo, like the white shirt and earrings. The photo makes you look reflective. I'm so surprised, though. I thought you were a small dancing woman with a flower on top of your head.
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