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Hello everyone! I've just published my first book on Kindle called The Death's Head Oracle. Like any other successful entrepreneur, Fritz Steiner does anything for profit. When he first opens his German brewpub, The Reinheitsgebot, he works countless hours, trying to get the restaurant's name and product into the streets of downtown Denver - often at the expense of his personal life. After teaming up with a German brew master, Ulrich Sauer, Fritz's dreams finally come true. Success is as addictive as the sweetest drug though, and Fritz's desire for profit drives him away from the brew room and into the world of white-collar crime. He soon engrosses himself in insider-trading and tax evasion, and he adds arson and murder to his resume following a competitive dispute with a rival brewpub, The Kilt. Fritz thinks nothing of his destructive behavior; after all, his father was a concentration camp guard during World War II, so it would only be appropriate for the apple to stay close to the tree. Just as Fritz's hellish trail of organized crime begins to spiral uncontrollably, the truth of his father's past with the SS-Death's Head Unit surfaces. With the knowledge, Fritz is forced to decide between the two of his greatest desires: profit and honor. Will the truth set Fritz Steiner free, or was his fate determined with his father's infamy? Check out the free sample chapter at Let me know what you think!

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