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I don't think that is normal. I know they draw a bit of power in sleep mode but shouldn't be dead that soon without using wispernet. Nor does the screensaver change once you put in in sleep mode. Mine has the same one when I wake it up. I can read for several hours then put it in sleep mode and read for several hours the next day and then put it in sleep mode again. It doesn't go down very far.

Even the refurb one is the same. I had to exchange my other one because it would freeze at 75% of the battery left and I would have to do a complete reset then it would work fine until the battery would run out (I'd use it till the battery was empty) then recharge and yip at 75% it would freeze again. But other than that it could be in sleep mode for several nights/days and not drain the battery.

Maybe see if you can talk to a supervisor at Amazon or email them this board where other are not having this issue.

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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