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I am the proud new owner of the new generation Kindle and am completely overwhelmed trying to pick out a good case. Been reading reviews left and right and it's not helping my decision. I am between the Purple Rain amd Aqua Tranquility skins from decalgirl. Functionality and quality are important in a cover choice, but I also want it to look cute with my skin choice. Trying to stay away from boring black but not sure what else would look good. Help!!! Tell me which skin you like better and if you have a pic of a cover or cover suggestions, I would love it ;D

Purple Rain Skin pic

Aqua Tranquility

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I love both of the skins you have picked.
For the Aqua Tranquility, I see that going really well with the m-edge Go cover in Crackled Silver or maybe Azure Croc.  Yum!
The Purple Rain would look good with the Crackled Gold or the Purple smooth or croc.  

I am a big fan of the m-edge covers - I have the Mocha Go and Mocha Capital for travel.  Recently, I got a my-edge from m-edge, I chose a Van Gogh painting to go with my Van Gogh Almond Blossom skin.

Have fun -

EDIT: Almost forgot to suggest that you get the m-edge eluminator light as well - it's great and fits the covers really well.
Congrats on your new Kindle!

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I like both skins.

As a relatively new Kindle owner with quite a few accessories, I know how overwhelming the process of picking a cover and skin can be.
What is your favorite color or colors?
What qualities are important for you in a cover? You just said you want a good (functionality and quality) cover but what does that mean to you? Some people only want leather where others are more concerned with the convenience of a light or just want something that holds their K3 secure?

I haven't found the perfect cover based on my preferences but many good options. My accessory thoughts based on experience and observations:
Amazon lighted cover - I started with the non-lighted hinged cover and had issues. I just got the green lighted cover. It is nice but feels much heavier. Many love the convenience of the light. I haven't tried it yet so can't say. Amazon states that this is leather but it isn't a soft leather. I like the cover though and the green is a fun color for my summer cover.

M-edge - nice covers with corner straps. A lot of different options for styles and colors including My-edge. I wish they offered more real leather than the one. I am working on designing a My-edge one for myself but wish this had the closure like the Go cover.

Octovo - I haven't seen this cover or heard from anyone that has this but black does not have to be boring (at least I don't think this one is):
Maybe someone has this one but it is relatively new.

Oberon - nice covers with corner straps. I'm not a fan of corner straps but have gotten used to them. I have their red ginkgo and I love their red and the design. Oberon has a big following here and there is a thread with a lot of pictures. I wouldn't sell my cover but not a fan of the company like I was initially for various reasons but that is personal opionion. They do have nice designs and colors and can make a nice product.

Noreve - I like their rail attachment system and the soft leather. Colors on their site are not necessarily what it will look like. Delivery time is about 3 weeks. If the color red was deeper, this would have been my perfect cover.

Javoedge & Piel Frama - if you want a skin on your reader, these are probably not covers you want to consider.

Cole Haan - has the hinges (without a light) and might cause issues. My husband's first cover and he had issues with it.

Amazon has many options in the electronics area besides what is under their kindle area.

Etsy is another option. Here is a purple one:

Skins - I am a big fan of DecalGirl matte skins but this is all I have used so far. I started out thinking I wanted a particular skin and then wasn't happy with the color etc. It was as pictured but left me cold. I have since found many options! Remember you will only see the front design if you have your K3 in a cover. Watch for Decalgirl specials. They recently had a buy one, get one but they have frequent specials.
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