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New Kindle User and New Author

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I just published my first ebook on Amazon. It's a mystery set in Door County, Wisconsin, which is a beautiful part of the United States. The book is called "Murder in Death's Door County" (Death's Door County is the proper name of Door County). Please check it out if you get a chance:

Like all of you, I am also an avid reader and look forward to checking out other authors. I just got my Kindle tonight as a Christmas present and plan on putting it to good use right away. :)

Happy Holidays to Everyone! Blessings on your Christmas/Hanukkah!
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Welcome, and good luck with the book!
Thanks! I really appreciate that! :)
Welcome!!  8) Hope you do well with your book!!
Thanks so much! :)
Welcome to KB!
Hello and welcome, Elizabeth; best wishes on your new book.
Hi Elizabeth,

Welcome to the boards.  Nice to meet you.  Congrats on your new book.  Great book title, odd county name.  Enjoy the community!  :)


Welcome Elizabeth.
Glad you found your way to the KB.
Hope you find friends here.
Thanks so much to all of you for the warm welcome!

@Lee44 - I know, isn't that a crazy name for a county? The county's informal name is Door County (which is what it is on maps and whatnot), but the formal is "Death's Door County" because of how treacherous Lake Michigan is near the tip of the county and by Washington Island.

Does anyone know of a good book club to join on here? I'd like to get to know other readers/authors and my boyfriend just got me a Kindle for Christmas... :) Thanks again!
Hello Elizabeth. Welcome to Kindle boards and good luck with your book.
Hi Elizabeth, I'm new too and look forward to chatting with you on the forum  :)
Welcome aboard!
Welcome Elizabeth! And the best of luck!
Thanks so much everyone! :)
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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