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Here, to introduce Kit Maples' lighthearted romantic comedy short stories in the "Love by the Numbers" series (.99 apiece), is a quick synopsis of each story...hope you enjoy them!

One… Accidental Love
Who says confession is good for the soul after a married woman spends a night with the handsomest man in the world and discovers she is not just another Plain Jane but a blazing femme fatale, at least to the one man who really matters to her?

Two… All the Young Men in their Summery Suits
For a woman with an appreciative eye, can there really be too many handsome young men in their summery suits on a beautiful morning's walk through the city or must a husband's jealousy and stunning revelation be all she can have?

Three… That Kind of Afternoon
Can an afternoon ever be perfect enough to include a woman's every lost love and her chance to live them all again?

Four… Just a Matter of Time
What kind of woman counts out her life in seconds and what sort of man thinks centuries are nothing? Who says that opposites attract except in a mutual frustration that drives them both to thoughts of murder? Or maybe thoughts of something else.

More… Dreamy Dreams
If love can be a dream can life become a dream that is nothing but love?

Please click the covers below to order them for Kindle!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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