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New Marketing Strategy?

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I downloaded my WIP onto my 14-year-old son's kindle and hinted that he should beta read it for me. Then I suggest that he beta read it. Then I advised that it would be in his best interest to at least read the first chapter.

Today, he says, "Dad, I'm reading Sisters of Sorrow (my WIP) for a project in English class."

Me: "But, I'm not done editing it. That's why I asked you to beta read it."

Him: "Don't worry dad, I'll underline all the errors for you. You can underline on a kindle, you know."

His project involves a written report, an oral report and an illustration of a scene. I'm thinking, if I help him do a really good job on his homework I might get a few sales from it :D

IF I can get the thing edited in time :)
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Never, ever, never let your family see an unedited copy of your book...  :eek:
Joe_Nobody said:
Never, ever, never let your family see an unedited copy of your book... :eek:
So true.

I'd go so far as to say never let anyone see anything until you're done with the second or third draft.
I agree about keeping it under wraps until it has been edited. I put it through three rounds of edits before sending it out to the betas. Once I receive their feedback, it'll get another round. My son is an aspiring author (even has two very impressive reject slips) and he is my target audience, so I am interested in his impressions of the book. Also, he excels at being blunt, which is a rare find among betas. I just think it's really funny that he is going to do a poster and a book report on my book. Cracks me up. Guess I'm easily amused :)
That's fantastic! I bet he gets cool kid points for standing up in front of the class and saying "Yeah, my dad's the author. It's no big deal."
Love it!

My son brought my MG book in for the school library and pestered the librarian every day until she finally scanned it in.  By the time he's 14, he's going to be my agent. 
All my oldest son does is complain all day that I'm not writing books for his age (he's seven).

My young son does find my books quite good, at least the paperbacks. They're quite chewy.

BTW, I do show my wife my unedited books. She's my developmental editor, and if she actually worked as one, I couldn't recommend her highly enough...
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