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Hey all,

Need to get a post under my belt so I can set up my profile and what better place to do it than here!

I've been writing fiction for a couple of years now. My first work was a screenplay but I've since learned that I prefer writing novels where I get to create the world rather than leave it up to a movie director.

People have said my work reminds them of movies. It's high concept and dialogue heavy. Comedic farce seems to be my bread and butter.

I've written three novels so far and after some unsuccessful attempts contacting publishers I have turned to self publishing. I have a fair bit of experience with the indie arts world being a long suffering musician and I'm looking forward to trying to re-purpose some of those skills to market and promote my own work.

Nice to meet you.



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G’Day! Or as they say here ‘What about you!’
Relatively new here too. Welcome along!
Congratulations on taking plunge and doing it yourself! Who cares about your work more than you!
Good luck, hope you find lots of useful info here!
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