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New pen name

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Introducing Julian Vance, the pen name I will use to write my paranormal/esoteric books. I'm already listed as Jack Dash, the name I use to write my science fiction, and I'm not sure if this is what you are supposed to do with alternate identities but no doubt the den mother will tell me off if I've got it wrong.

Anyway, hello everyone - again.

Julian Vance
a.k.a. Jack Dash
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Welcome Julian/Jack.
You can be sure that Betsy will notify you if you have just may take her a little while, she is always super busy.
Glad you found your way to the KB.
Hope you find friends here.
Welcome!!  8) Hope you do well with your pen name!!
HI, and welcome aboard.

Dan --
Welcome to Kindle Boards!
Hello again yourself.  :p

Love the new pen. Julian Vance really flows.
Welcome to the boards Jack!
Well. . .('den mother' comment aside ::) ). . .  in fact. . . we don't generally allow multiple user names.

It's been our experience that multiple accounts often means the member is a spammer or acting as a sock puppet. When we notice this behavior, we can do some research and will ban/delete without warning multiple accounts that seem to have been set up purely for spam or to artificially bump Bazaar threads.  The author whose threads are getting the bumps will be warned as well and possibly given a temp ban if we receive no response.

That said, we do recognize that authors sometimes have more than one pen name that they may write under.  When authors have notified us, in advance, that they have an alter ego and they'd like to promote different books under that name, we've allowed it, with a couple of restrictions:
   One: you must notify us of any alter egos/pen names you plan to use.  
   Second: you are not allowed to post in This Name's thread using Other Name's account. Nor vice versa.  Additionally, neither may mention the other's books as recommendations in the Corner or elsewhere on the board.  

In other words, you may have two separate personae, but we'll treat you as one person for purposes of promotion and bumping.  In order to not risk being banned, you need to let us know if this is the case.  PM's are fine. . . .we don't announce it to the world, just keep a list for the moderators so we can keep an eye on you and keep it fair for everyone.
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Hi Julian,

Welcome to the boards!  Nice to meet you.  I like your pen name, good sounding name for the subject-matter.  Enjoy the community! 

Welcome! Pretty neat that you have Pen Names going on. I've thought about that for myself
Do you think a different pen name may be confusing for those who read your other work and would like to read you in other genres?
I write under my own name.... Marketing-speak talks about branding and name recognition. I think a pen name would be good for erotica, but I write mainstream fiction, so I never ventured in that direction.

Good luck with your writing!

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