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New PW initial use and thoughts

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My new PW arrived today. I got it set up and like it. To get a super white background with black blacks text I had to turn the lighting up to the full 24 setting. When I turn it down the background goes from super bright white like the best and most expensive copy paper to an off white cheaper copy paper brightness. Right now I've got it set at 18 and will see how that goes. I set up the wifi but now can't find any way to turn it off. I notice four thumbnail sized and shaped shadows at the bottom of the screen in the special offers area. My initial impression is that it's sharper and an improvement over the Touch. I think I'm going to enjoy it.
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You turn wireless off by turning on Airplane's under Settings.

Weird, yes.
Well duh. I even looked at that but it didn't click. I'm used to all my others where you select "turn wireless on" and "turn wireless off" from the main menu. How silly of me to look for consistency and clarity.
Amazon apparently decided to go for consistency with Android devices, thinking, perhaps, that they have more "new" owners than repeat owners.  EDIT:  The Fire, for example, has "airplane mode."

When I first got mine I had the light turned up all the way. Then I tried 20 for awhile and now I'm on 15. You kind of adjust as you go along I guess. And yes, it really is an improvement over the Touch.
For some reason my light has been going lower and lower since I got my PW. I started out with 17 or so. Then I went down to 14. Then 11. For a while I settled on that. Then I found 8 even better.  :D. Now I have it on 4-5 most of the time for some reason. It makes the screen just a bit brighter than my K3, without noticing the light. Like a page.

In bed I go down to 3. With a side lamp.

I did a lot of playing around in the first 2 weeks with the light. Up and down and up and down.  :D. I guess I got settled.
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